Dominic Scott

Chaz and Dan

Chaz has spent a lot of time, over the years, in hospitality; almost all of it on the customer’s side of the bar, there was a pub in the family for a while and like most people, he’s worked behind a bar or two.

“I’ve been lucky enough, through my previous jobs, to visit a lot of nice bars and restaurants and they all had two things in common, great people serving great food & drinks and that’s what we want to do at The Ship Inn – we hope you enjoy it”

Dan, born & brought up in South Africa, loves his home country’s culture of bringing people together for food, drinks and conversation. Combine this with many years working in hospitality, including running his own pub and Dan knows how to make you feel welcome.

“The Ship Inn is, excuse the pun, a flagship – I wanted to make sure that the ethos behind working there was that we built a family, and the family loved being there so that the happiness clearly translates through to the customer. I really think the sky is the limit for The Ship Inn and I hope people will be talking about the atmosphere, the food, the service & the drinks, in all the right ways, for years to come.”

Dominic Scott

Ben Vandenbrink

Ben has spent his entire career in hospitality, from high-end, award-winning restaurants to quaint seaside cafes and even setting up and running his own restaurant; there was even a stint on T.V a while back too. So, he knows a thing or two about creating delicious food and a great atmosphere!

“ I’ve been doing this for 20+ years and most of the time I love it, but yes, I am that guy who has the unnatural hatred for the green vegetable known as broccoli …’ve all seen the episodes, come down to the pub and share a pint over the story one day”